Mala Spirit

Mala Holy Mala
€ 109,95
Mala Be LOVE
€ 45,00
Mala Shakti OM
€ 49,95
Mala Deal With It
€ 76,00
Mala Intuition
€ 68,95
Mala Let it Flow
€ 59,95
Mala Open Up
€ 99,00
Mala Calm & Easy
€ 85,00
Mala Inner Self
€ 98,00
Release Bracelet
€ 15,95
Mala Protection
€ 59,95
Mala Be Courageous
€ 49,95
Mala Pure Spirit
€ 75,00
Truth Bracelet
€ 18,95
Mala Om Shakti
€ 49,95
Pure Flow Bracelet
€ 27,50
Awakening Bracelet
€ 13,95
Mala Goddess
€ 59,95
Bliss Bracelet
€ 25,00
Courage Bracelet
€ 15,00
Balance Bracelet
€ 27,00
Mala Flow of Wisdom
€ 105,95
Open Up Bracelet
€ 25,00
7 Chakra Bracelet
€ 16,95
Mala Awareness
€ 58,00
Grounding Bracelet
€ 32,00
Faith Bracelet
€ 19,95
Enlighted Bracelet
€ 39,00
Lava Flow Bracelet
€ 17,95
Forever Bracelet
€ 17,95
Speak Up Bracelet
€ 36,00
Roots Bracelet
€ 19,95
Trust Bracelet
€ 19,95
Mala Realisation
€ 45,00
Mala Be Rooted
€ 59,95
Vibe Bracelet
€ 15,95
Fresh Joy Bracelet
€ 15,95
Warrior Bracelet
€ 12,95
Awareness Bracelet
€ 16,95
Clarity Bracelet
€ 22,00
Be Joy Bracelet
€ 19,00
Be Calm Bracelet
€ 22,95
Mala Be Calm
€ 59,95
Pyrite Bracelet
€ 25,00
Vitality Bracelet
€ 32,00
Mala Stay Balanced
€ 49,95
Silver Bracelet
€ 28,00
New Age Bracelet
€ 18,95
Lava Rock Bracelet
€ 19,95
I Am Bracelet
€ 22,00

Mala's & mala bracelets by Aum Rudraksha (Mala Spirit)


The Mala's made of durable Rudraksha seeds. For many centuries they are spiritually worn and used for puja and meditation, by Hindus and Buddhists. Rudraksha seeds are rare and therefore quite expensive.

Rudraksha are considered very sacred and contain carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen. It is known to increase awareness and clarity and to still the mind, getting free from negative thoughts. Anyone can benefit from wearing Rudraksha. 

The name Rudraksha comes from the Hindu mythology and means "the tears of Shiva". It is generally believed that the god Shiva meditated on the welfare of mankind. He emerged tears of compassion. These tears crystallized after hitting the earth, to form Rudraksha trees (Eleocarpus). The Rudraksha are forming naturally as the fruit of the Eleocarpus tree and grow in the wild and also in sustainable plantations. They are found in the Himalayas in India and Nepal, Malaysia and Southeast Asia. 

The Rudraksha for our Mala's are sustainably harvested in Southeast Asia, fairly traded and ethically produced. They are sorted and checked by hand. Only the best are used in our Mala's and combined with gemstones, which also contain healing properties. The Rudraksha bead varies in size from 3 mm to 40 mm. The smaller the beads, the more seldom and the hardest to find and grow. Therefore they are rather costly. The beads have a very long life, sometimes known to last up to eight generations. Most importantly, each bead has a number of facets or serrations on the face, which are called Mukhis and or Mukhas. The number of Mukhis range from 1 to 21 and each different amount confers a specific meaning, attributes and related benefits. The Rudraksha bead we primarily use is five Mukhi, the bead that represents Lord Shiva. It has all previous mentioned qualities and benefits and is the most commonly sought after bead.



Malas are often used to help counting mantras during meditation. A mantra is a word or sound repeated to aid in your concentration during meditation. To count mantras, drape the mala over your middle or ring finger (preferably not your index finger, it represents the ego). Use your thumb to slide the beads, after reciting a mantra. The extra bead near the tassel is called the guru bead and represents the crown chakra. This is not a prayer bead but marks the starting point, turning point and endpoint of the mala. The first bead is always the bead left of the guru bead. 

Reaching the guru bead during meditation means a time for reflection. Do not go over the guru bead. Instead, if you want to make a new round, turn the mala half over, so you can continue clockwise. The last bead will become the first bead. 

Additionally, if you unconsciously reach out to your neck in everyday life and feel the mala, then that is a reminder to return to your breath, to awareness. If you lean forward and the mala dangles in sight, then that is a new gentle awakening. 



Rudraksha are considered sacred and should be treated with respect and care. Wash them occasionally with soap and water to remove dirt and dust and rub them with natural oil. They will naturally become darker with time. This is the desired effect, since the natural (body) oils penetrate into the beads and makes them stronger. Wear the beads close to the skin. 

When not in use, store your mala in a special, clean and preferably sacred space. Keep the mala off the ground and incense the mala especially when not used for a longer time. Preferably don´t wear the mala while sleeping. 


Aum Rudraksha

Aum Rudraksha Designs has been working for many years to create the most unique Rudraksha mala and jewelry in the world. Mixing the best quality gemstones with rare small Rudraksha, resulting in malas and jewelry that are healing and spiritual.